About Us

Founded in 2013, Cobb Publishing was formed with the idea that you have something worth saying.

Since its inception, we have helped writers realize their dream of being published–without costing them an arm and a leg.

We have published children’s books, cookbooks, Bible commentaries, books on religious history, American history, sermon collections, autobiographies, workbooks, and even detective novels.

While we specialize in Restoration Movement books (both new and old), we also offer a large array of books for the education and encouragement of Christians.

Additionally, we publish The Quarterly, a magazine dedicated to building up Christians and encouraging them to greater service for the Lord.

If you are interested in having your book published, you owe it to yourself and your wallet to ask about our services.  Included, but not limited to:

  • Proofreading
  • Editing (complete with suggestions, corrections, and fixes to help you create the best possible end result)
  • Formatting
  • Cover design
  • Publishing
  • Listing your book on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other prominent online bookstores

For more information, or to discuss your project, contact us here.

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