Delays are inevitable, but irritating.

It’s been said that “Man plans, and God laughs.”  That is, that we make all kinds of plans, dreams, goals–whatever you want to call them–and then they all fall apart for one reason or another (or a whole bunch of them working in unison to torpedo your schemes).

This thought was brought forcefully to mind the past month, as we had speaking engagements in three different states, two emergency trips out of state to be with close friends during a very trying time, the death of the main Cobb Publishing computer, the near-death of the only back-up Cobb Publishing computer–and that doesn’t count the time spent in our main job (working with the church here), and the early morning job.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: ‘Excuses, excuses.’

Yeah, I’m sure that there’s part of that in there as well.  I’ve been known to procrastinate a bit here and there.

But here we are, May 18th, and we just want you to know that we are still working, and that there should be some news of new releases in the next week!

So stay tuned!

New Restoration Movement titles available for Amazon Kindle

Most of our books are available in Kindle format via Amazon, but some of them were not until just this week.  Here’s the scoop:

Hermeneutics: Understanding Biblical Interpretation

This updated, third edition of D.R. Dungan’s classic work is already a big hit, with several preaching schools planning on using it for their students.  The Kindle edition is available here.

Evenings with the Bible

This three-volume set of thought-provoking, insightful studies on the characters and events of the Old Testament, as well as the life of Christ, has been praised by readers throughout the country. Written by Isaac Errett, this new edition has been completely reformatted and annotated for your enrichment.  The Kindle editions can be found here: Volume One, Volume Two, and Volume Three.


Life of Elder Walter Scott

The man who Alexander Campbell credits with first preaching the ancient gospel in the United States is the focus of this biography.  A true missionary spirit, Scott’s unique ways of building interest, and his emotional eloquence, led thousands to the cross of Jesus Christ.  This new edition of William Baxter’s classic biography is in Kindle format here.


The History of the Baptists in the Middle States

This interesting history book, written by and endorsed by a well-respected Baptist historian, spends most of a chapter dealing with Alexander Campbell, and the division that resulted over things that the Baptists themselves later accepted as right (his observation, not mine).  It is a very interesting read.  And you can find the Kindle version here.

The History of the Baptists in the Southern States

One of the things that the Southern Baptist Convention doesn’t like talking about is that it was created for the express purpose of catering to slave owners.  However, this book–written by a Baptist scholar, and endorsed by the Southern Baptist Convention as true and reliable–details those facts.  It includes a chapter on the blacks in the south, and claim that blacks should be thankful that they were made slaves.  Add to that a section on the influence of the Restoration Movement, and you’ve got a truly intriguing read.  You can get the Kindle version here.

We will be adding more books as the weeks pass.  If you have any that you’d like to see available for Kindle, let us know, and we will try to move it closer to the top of the list!

Thanks for reading!  And don’t forget to check out our brand-new (and still growing) store.