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  • The Quarterly (Vol. 5, No. 2)

    A debate on One Cup vs. Multiple Cups in the Lord’s Supper. The Restoration Movement. Painful Lessons. Most articles ever in one issue!
  • Baptism: The Often Misunderstood Commandment

    The book Phil Sanders called “most helpful in explaining baptism to those who might be confused.” Short, truthful, and Biblical.
  • Whispers of the Spirit (Volume 2)

    The newest collection of articles from Bill Howard (Rick Wade Investigations, Believest Thou This, The Quarterly), designed to encourage and educate Christians of all ages!
  • No Coincidence

    The true story of a hard-headed (she would say “determined”) woman, and her search for the one true church of the Bible.
  • The Quarterly – Annual Subscription

    A full-year subscription to the best-selling magazine on Amazon by members of the church of Christ!
  • Quickening Ceres

    A sci-fi novel about evangelism, apologetics, and the struggle to accept the truth.
  • The Conversion of Paul Darst

    Can the faith which has set a town on edge, divided a family, and ruined Rose and Paul’s chance at happiness truly be worth holding onto?¬†And can it really be the one thing capable of uniting
  • How to Bring Someone to Christ Through Simple Questions

    Asking only questions, and letting the Bible show the answer, you can convert people to Jesus Christ!
  • The Quarterly (Volume 3, Number 1)

    From Domitian to Jerusalem to Evangelism to Growing up in the Church–and so much more–this issue of the Quarterly is sure to give you much to enjoy and much to think about! 94 pages
  • Calvinism: Built on a Foundation of Sand

    Have you ever felt like Calvinist believers used a different dictionary when using words like “justification” and “sanctification” and other good, biblical words? So whose definitions are right? Kevin Micuch takes his years of experience and
  • The Ivory Domino

    If you liked¬†Muscle and a Shovel, you won’t want to miss this book about one man’s journey out of Catholicism!