Restoration Movement

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  • American Christian Review (Vol. 1, 1856)

    The first volume of this historic paper, edited by Elder Benjamin Franklin, is now available for the first time in over 160 years!
  • The Quarterly (Vol. 4, No. 3)

    History of the black churches of Christ in Oklahoma, seven roles of Jesus, Questions about Disfellowshipping, and more
  • Origin of the Disciples of Christ (Two Books in One)

    Was Alexander Campbell a Sandamenian? One writer makes the case that he is, while another writer thoroughly explodes the theory.
  • History of the Baptists in Middle States

    An OFFICIAL Baptist history that deals in detail with their problems with Alexander Campbell–and admits that the Baptists later accepted what they had fought against.
  • History of the Baptists in Southern States

    An OFFICIAL history of Southern Baptists, showing their non-Calvinist beginnings, their racist heritage, and their dispute with one Alexander Campbell.
  • The Sage of Jasper: Gus Nichols – A Biography (PAPERBACK)

    The definitive biography of Gus Nichols, available exclusively through
  • The Sage of Jasper: Gus Nichols – A Biography

    The definitive biography of Gus Nichols, available exclusively through
  • The Eternal Kingdom

    This book shows the path of the Catholic apostasy, but also shows the groups which still followed the truth—though they were labeled as heretics by the Catholics—the people within Catholicism who tried to bring them more
  • My Way of Thinking: The Wit and Wisdom of F.B. Srygley

    Earl Kimbrough has scoured the writings of the late, great F.B. Srygley, and drawn out some of the best and most memorable sections and quotes for our learning and enjoyment.
  • History of Reformatory Movements

    A detailed look at the apostasy from pure Christianity (as seen in Catholicism), and the many efforts to reform it to the Bible standard. From Martin Luther to Alexander Campbell (and many before and in between), grab
  • Long Legs and Short Breeches: 100 Restoration Movement Vignettes

    A collection of 100 short episodes, anecdotes, and insights on people, places, and events in the Restoration Movement. Written by Earl Kimbrough.
  • Select Studies in Restoration History (Andrew D. Erwin)

    From Robert Sandeman and John Glas to Barton W. Stone and Alexander Campbell to Guy Woods and Michael Shank–the only Restoration History that is up-to-date!
  • Historical Documents Advocating Christian Union

    With writings from Alexander Campbell, Thomas Campbell, Barton W. Stone, and more, this book is a must-have for those wanting to understand the history of the Restoration Movement.
  • Autobiography of Barton W. Stone

    Cane Ridge, the union of 1832, the creation and dissolution of the Springfield Presbytery–all written by the man who was at the center of it all–Barton W. Stone.
  • Sketches of Our Pioneers

    Barton W. Stone, Thomas and Alexander Campbell, Samuel Rogers, Walter Scott, “Raccoon” John Smith, Moses E. Lard, and many others are featured in this brief Restoration Movement history. Includes the “Autobiography of Chester Bullard,” a work
  • Abner Jones: A Collection

    Abner Jones’ autobiography, back in print for the first time in 200 years, along with a research paper written on his life, history, and influence.  All in one convenient book! 158 pages
  • The Quarterly (Volume 3, Number 1)

    From Domitian to Jerusalem to Evangelism to Growing up in the Church–and so much more–this issue of the Quarterly is sure to give you much to enjoy and much to think about! 94 pages
  • Memoirs of Thomas Campbell (by Alexander Campbell)

      Alexander Campbell pays a loving and honest tribute to his father in this work, comprised of both narrative and reflections on the life, beliefs, and efforts of this man of God. Included is Thomas Campbell’s
  • Early Relation and Separation of Baptists and Disciples

    How did Alexander Campbell go from being the Baptists’ hand-selected champion for debates, to being viewed as a divider by the same group that loved him and begged him to represent them? Why did the Baptist