A God Who Rejoices (And Other Sermons)


Mitch Robison is pleased to present 38 full sermons, designed to strengthen your faith, encourage your soul, and help you to eternity.



A collection of 38 complete sermons by Mitch Robison, designed to encourage, edify, and educate.

A God Who Rejoices
Back to Jerusalem
A Passionate Church
How to Praise a Woman
Five Great Duties
The Importance of Apologetics (Creationism)
Describing the Indescribable
How to Determine a Biblical Church
Daniel: A Test Case in Bible Prophecy (Part One)
Daniel: A Test Case in Bible Prophecy (Part Two)
A Prayer for the Church
All Hands Point Toward Pentecost
The Untouchables
We Are God’s Fellow-Workers
False Teachers – Who Are They?
Form of Godliness, But No Power
Blessed Are The Peacemakers
“Are There Few That Be Saved?”
What Is Happening to Us
Receiving the Blessings of God
No One Ever Spoke Like This Man
Do Not Be Conformed to this World
Dangers in the Church Today (Part One)
Dangers in the Church Today (Part Two)
Despised and Rejected of Men
Can We Really Live For Jesus?
Can I Trust My Bible?
Does God Really Mean It?
Serve God With All Your Heart
Christ, Our Passover Lamb
Achieving Unity in Religion
Between the Sinner and Salvation
A Spiritual Workout
God – Who Is True
Striving For the Faith of the Gospel
Sin: From All Sides
An Unlikely Place
No Man Asked: “What Have I Done?”


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