A Sermon Omnibus (Bradley S. Cobb)


Nearly 500 pages, containing 95 detailed sermon outlines–a full year's worth–and the size of a phonebook.


95 detailed Sermon Outlines, ready to preach!

Nearly 500 pages, this phonebook-sized volume includes several series and individual sermons:

Philemon (3 sermons)

John’s Epistles (7 Sermons)

Parables (16 sermons)

Prayer (8 sermons)

Singing With the Understanding: Learning from Hymn Lyrics (10 sermons)

Worship (4 sermons)

Year Through the Bible (38 O.T. sermons)

In addition, several individual sermons on the life of Jesus Christ.

Each of these sermons has been preached and tested at a local congregation of the church of Christ.

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