Abner Jones: A Collection


Abner Jones’ autobiography, back in print for the first time in 200 years, along with a research paper written on his life, history, and influence.  All in one convenient book!

158 pages


His is a seemingly ignored story, receiving only passing remarks in most historical accounts of the Restoration Movement. This collection helps to fill in the details of the life and work of Abner Jones.

This book contains:

The Life and Experience, Travels and Preaching of Abner Jones. This, Abner Jones’ autobiography, has been out of print for over 200 years until now. It has been completely revised, corrected, modernized, expanded, and re-formatted for a more pleasant reading experience, without leaving anything out.

Abner Jones: Christian Only (by Bradley Cobb, 2013). This concise biography features a good overview of the life and work of Abner Jones. Contains extensive footnotes and a bibliography.

Abner Jones: The Man who Believed and Served (by J.f. Burnett). This short biography was originally written in 1921 and distributed as a pamphlet. This work has also been corrected and revised in this edition.


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