Alexander Campbell: A Collection (Volume 2)


A brand-new collection of some of Campbell’s most influential and important writings.


This brand-new collection opens with a brief biography about Campbell, and from there on out, it’s all him. We have chosen some of his most influential writings here, including his best-known sermon dealing with the Law of Moses, his brilliant destruction of the “annihilation” doctrine, his taking the government to task over capital punishment, and his own translation of the book of Acts. Alexander Campbell did not start the church. He did not start any church. His entire life was dedicated to simply serving Christ in Jesus’ church, and helping that church to come back to the biblical standard. It would be wonderful if we had more men like him in the church today. Extra care had been given in correcting any typographical errors, as well as adding footnotes to explain any unfamiliar words and phrases. In all, well over a hundred hours of work has gone into the production of this collection, with the goal of making it as reader-friendly as possible!

Contents include:

  • Alexander Campbell: Matchless Defender of the Protestant Faith.
  • Sermon on the Law
  • Life and Death
  • Instrumental Music in Worship
  • Is Capital Punishment Sanctioned by Divine Authority?
  • Confession Unto Salvation
  • The Bible
  • God has Spoken to Man in the Bible
  • Principles of Interpretation
  • Musings on a Christmas Morning
  • Acts of the Apostles (translation)

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