Autobiography of Barton W. Stone


Cane Ridge, the union of 1832, the creation and dissolution of the Springfield Presbytery–all written by the man who was at the center of it all–Barton W. Stone.


Read the history of the Cane Ridge Revival, the creation and dissolution of the Springfield Presbytery, the union of the ‘Christians’ and ‘Reformers’–all from the pen of the one person qualified to discuss them all!

This autobiography contains Barton W. Stone’s “Apology for the Springfield Presbytery,” which details all the reasons why they were leaving the oversight of the synod, including a blow-by-blow account of the proceedings against them for following the Bible instead of the Westminster Confession. As far as we are aware, this document is available nowhere else.

Also included are additional chapters and reflections by John Rogers, a dear friend of Barton W. Stone for five decades.

Paperback, 356 pages.



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