Baptism: The Often Misunderstood Commandment


The book Phil Sanders called “most helpful in explaining baptism to those who might be confused.” Short, truthful, and Biblical.

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“One would do well to share this book with anyone who is seeking to be right with God. Soul winners will find this book most helpful in explaining baptism to those who might be confused. I wholeheartedly thank God for the book and believe it will help many find the truth.” –Phil Sanders (Speaker, In Search of the Lord’s Way).

“I recommend Baptism: The Often Misunderstood Commandment without reservation. It should become a classic for those who love the truth and seek to honor God’s command.” -Dr. Ted Burleson (Associate Professor, Turner School of Theology, Amridge University)

Baptism is, as the title suggests, something often misunderstood. But as you look to the word of God, without the doctrines of men clouding the issue, you’ll find that the topic is actually quite clear. Throughout this book, we will constantly point you to Scripture as the authority—because ultimately, it isn’t what we say, or what anyone else says that matters. It’s what God says that matters.

We pray that you will be blessed and edified by this work.


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