Christian Messenger (Vol. 4, 1830)


The fourth volume of Barton W. Stone;s classic journal.


One of the foundational journals in the Restoration Movement is Barton W. Stone’s The Christian Messenger. This new edition has been enlarged (bigger pages, bigger font) and reformatted (in other words, it isn’t a photocopy reproduction like all the ones before) to give your eyes a much better reading experience.

Those interested in Restoration Movement history will enjoy the dispute between Stone and Alexander Campbell over the name “Christian” and whether Jesus’ followers should wear that name or the older name, “Disciple.” Also includes articles and letters from Elijah Goodwin, T.M. Allen, and David Purviance. You’ll also benefit from the continued debates on the deity of Jesus, the role of baptism in salvation, and many others.

Researchers can rejoice because this edition follows the same pagination as the original, making it easy to use as a source in research papers and articles.

Many people have worked together, putting in a combined hundred-plus hours of work to bring this edition to you.

Paperback, 290 pages


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