Christian Messenger (Vol. 5, 1831)


The fifth volume of Barton W. Stone’s classic journal


The fifth volume of this classic Restoration Movement journal. Join Barton W. Stone as he interacts with his readers (including Alexander Campbell) on topics such as the purpose and effects of baptism, the deity of Jesus Christ, the possibility of union with the “Reforming Baptists” (aka, disciples of Christ, those in fellowship with Campbell), debates with Presbyterian preacher William McCalla, and much more! It also includes the prospectus for volume 6, when Stone brought in John T. Johnson as co-editor as a way of promoting the union movement between the Christians and the Reformers.

If you are interested in the history of the Restoration Movement (the Stone-Campbell Movement), then get this volume today!
This edition is enlarged and reformatted, but still retains the pagination of the original, just in case you wish to use this volume (or any of our Restoration Movement journals) for research projects.

Paperback, 290 pages


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