Closer to God: A Roadmap for Diligent Seekers


If you want to truly be closer to God, this book will give you the biblical roadmap to do it!


Do you know anyone who is more excited about God than anything else in their lives? Why do we very rarely see Christians who are “on fire” for God? Why do we seldom see people who—although they suffer trials in this sin-riddled world—still manage to display a passion for Jesus that is noticeable. Their faith is tremendous.

Although rare, diligent seekers stand out from the crowd! You can tell by the way they talk about God that they are different from others. They have an advanced understanding of how the Bible fits together. They talk about God in a way that makes the Scriptures come alive. In a way that makes it appear their relationship with God is close. Diligent seekers are few and far between, but why? What led them to learn to love God with their entire being?

This book is saturated with a strategy from the Scripture that will take you to the next plateau in your walk with God.

Note: Coming soon … a Bible teacher’s manual and a student manual compatible to this book that may be used in an individual study or church study.

Paperback, 188 pages


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