Hermeneutics (D.R. Dungan) Updated Third Edition


A brand-new, updated edition of D.R. Dungan’s classic work on Biblical Interpretation.

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This book is a classic work on interpreting the Bible.  Since it first appeared in the last 1800s, it has been valued for its logical treatment and presentation of language, figures of speech, prophecy, and the correct method by which God wants His word interpreted (that is, in short, taking the whole of what the Bible says on a subject, and then basing our conclusions on that information).

However, since the book’s original release (and it’s second edition in 1888), the English language has changed, both in vocabulary and phrasing.  That truth is what inspired us to create this updated edition of Dungan’s most famous volume.

In addition to correcting any typographical errors we found, we have also updated the verse numbering system (Dungan used xliv. 23, we have updated it to modern usage, 44:23), modernized spelling, replaced archaic words with their modern counterpart, removed excessive wordiness, and occasionally added an explanatory note where necessary.

We hope you will agree that this new edition is both useful and better suited for the understanding of modern readers.

Paperback, 342 pages


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