History of the Baptists in Middle States


An OFFICIAL Baptist history that deals in detail with their problems with Alexander Campbell–and admits that the Baptists later accepted what they had fought against.

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Noted Baptist historian, Henry C. Vedder, brings clearly to the page the nature and character of the early Baptist churches and preachers of “The Middle States” (New Jersey, New York, and some of the surrounding states).

From their origins and doctrinal beliefs, Vedder also sheds light on some of their struggles, including the controversy with Alexander Campbell–about which he says there should have been no controversy, since the Baptists later accepted the positions they fought against.

This new (2020) edition will inform you, enlighten you, and make you ask the question, “Why don’t Baptists believe the same way the early American Baptists did?” on some of the issues Vedder touches.


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