Jesus as a Controversialist


By Nathaniel Haynes, this classic work shows Jesus confronting “touchy” subjects and taking controversial positions during His earthly ministry.

Paperback, 93 pages.



CHAPTER ONE: The Great Teacher.

CHAPTER TWO: Controversies with Wicked Spirits. 

  1. With Satan. 
  2. With Demons. 

CHAPTER THREE: Controversies with His Disciples. 

  1. The Sermon on the Mountain. 
  2. Unready Disciples. 
  3. The Littleness of Their Faith. 
  4. Feeding the Multitude. 
  5. The Leaven of the Pharisees and Sadducees and of Herod. 
  6. Mistaken Conceptions of His Vicarious Sufferings and Death. 
  7. Personal Ambition. 
  8. Narrow Exclusiveness or Sectarian Spirit. 
  9. Forgiveness among Brethren
  10. The Proper Treatment of an Inhospitable Samaritan Village.
  11. Martha’s Over-Anxiety about Her Domestic Cares. 
  12. The Cause of the Blindness of a Certain Man. 
  13. Incidents Connected with the Recall of Lazarus from Death. 
  14. Blessing Little Children. 
  15. Material Riches. 
  16. Human Greatness. 
  17. His Deeds of Mercy. 
  18. Expressions of Love for the Master. 
  19. The Stability of the Temple. 
  20. With Peter. 

CHAPTER FOUR: Controversies with Representatives of the Several Parties among the Jews and Their Officials. 

  1. His Authority. 
  2. The Observance of the Mosaic Sabbath. 
  3. The Religious Provincialism of the Jews. 
  4. His Alleged League with Satan. 
  5. A Sign from Heaven. 
  6. The Prevalent Hypocrisy of the Scribes and Pharisees. 
  7. His Social Conduct. 
  8. Fasting. 
  9. The Bread of Life. 
  10. The Traditions of the Elders. 
  11. His Superior Knowledge. 
  12. The Right Treatment of an Adulteress. 
  13. The Light of the World. 
  14. Divorce. 
  15. Paying Taxes to the Roman Government. 
  16. The Resurrection of the Dead. 
  17. The Great Commandment of the Law. 
  18. His Lordship. 
  19. His Divine Sonship. 

CHAPTER FIVE: Controversies with Various Other People. 

  1. A Woman of Samaria. 
  2. His Neighbors at Nazareth. 
  3. Certain Cities about their Gross Materialism and Unbelief. 
  4. The Obligations of Kinship. 
  5. A Certain Woman Relative to the Blessedness of Mary. 
  6. About the Division of an Inheritance. 
  7. Calamities and Judgments. 
  8. Professional Mourners, 
  9. A Lawyer’s Inquiry about Eternal Life. 
  10. A Superior Young Man about Our Lord’s Claims upon Him.
  11. Governor Pilate about the Kingship of Jesus. 


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