Lard’s Quarterly (Volume 2)


Volume 2 of perhaps the most important Restoration journal of the 1860s.


Lard’s Quarterly is one of the most under-rated journals in the history of the Restoration Movement. Though it only lasted 4 ½ years, it didn’t cease publication due to quality! With writers like Moses Lard (whose commentary on Romans has never gone out of print), J.W. McGarvey (whose two complete commentaries on Acts have never gone out of print), C.L. Loos, George W. Longan, J.W. Cox, James Challen, I.B. Grubbs, and others, how could it be!

The topics covered in this second volume are as relevant today as they were then. Bible translations, the Lord’s Supper, the Millennium and the Coming of Christ, Baptism of the Holy Spirit, Misusing the name Christian, Demons, Instrumental music in worship—these all could find a place in the religious journals of Christians today.

Cobb Publishing is proud to bring Lard’s Quarterly back for a new generation to read and enjoy in an updated edition (larger size, larger font, modernized verse reference style, completely reformatted).

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