Life of Elder Walter Scott (William Baxter)


The man that Alexander Campbell credited with first preaching the restored gospel in America!

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Walter Scott showed Alexander Campbell the place of baptism in the New Testament. He was the first to preach it in America. He was the driving force behind the rejection of “Societies.” But more importantly, he pointed people to Jesus as the true object of faith, and to the fact that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, as the basis of the entire Gospel.

His preaching was known to reach sublime heights that could move the heart of even the most stoic person. He was a tireless evangelist, traveling thousands of miles in his work of spreading the “ancient gospel.” His writings were instrumental in leading many to Christ, and in giving them a proper conception of the glorious importance of the one who was both the “Son of man” and the “Son of God.”

Along with sketches of many of his co-workers, there are dozens of anecdotes, samples of his writings, and a profound respect for the man who did so much for his Lord.

Paperback, 294 pages


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