Life of Raccoon John Smith (William Baxter)


The tragic and exhilarating life of the most blunt and rustic preacher to grace the Lord’s church in America!

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The life of “Raccoon” John Smith was not an easy one. His young family was decimated by a house fire which claimed the lives of his two oldest children. His wife died from a broken heart soon thereafter. John Smith himself came close to death in the months that followed. But God spared him, and set him to working to bring people back to the Bible, and thus back to God. From his early Calvinistic preaching, he turned to follow only what he could prove from the Scriptures. As a result, he lost friends, and gained the ire of almost every denominational leader in the entire state. But throughout the trials and torments, John Smith became the most well-known preacher in the entire state.

But his life was not all sadness. He was well known for his wit and humor in preaching, debating, teaching, and conversing. You will smile as you read about the Methodist preacher who begged not to be baptized by him; of the woman who asked if he’d ever seen a Campbellite; of his announcement that the writer of an anti-Campbellism book was selling copies of it at a meeting of preachers; and much, much more.

Completely reformatted, corrected, and annotated, The Life of Elder Raccoon John Smith is a book that belongs in every Christian’s library, and should be well-worn with use.

Paperback, 414 pages


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