Memoirs of Deceased Christian Ministers (Christian Connexion Library #9)


Brief biographies of over 950 ministers from the Christian Connexion.


In the study of Restoration Movement history (falsely called the “Stone-Campbell Movement” by so-called “scholars”), the Christian Connexion is a part most ignore—as though it is a part of our movement that we would like to forget.

In 1879, E.W. Humphreys sent out a request via the Herald of Gospel Liberty for information about any preacher associated with the Christian Connexion (by that point, going by the name “Christian Church) who had passed away—from 1793 to the then-present day. He included a list of names that he had, but requested additional names that others might have. He ended up with 973 names. And it was certainly not a complete list.

Mark Fernald flat-out condemned instrumental music in worship. Abner Jones and James O’Kelly both asked people to leave denominationalism behind and just follow the Bible. Barton W. Stone insisted that baptism was in order to receive the forgiveness of sins. But unfortinately, not all the people followed the Bible (for example, there are a handful of women preachers mentioned).

We present this book to you in a corrected edition (several dates in the book were wrong, and when possible, corrected). An appendix from the original edition, giving names and information about several preachers, has been integrated into the main book, alphabetically. And we have annotated where we felt more information could be supplied from other sources.
Enjoy Volume 9 of The Christian Connexion Library.

Peperback, 488 pages

[NOTE: Volumes 1-8 of the Christian Connexion Library are still under construction}


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