Origin of the Disciples of Christ (Two Books in One)


Was Alexander Campbell a Sandamenian? One writer makes the case that he is, while another writer thoroughly explodes the theory.


Alexander Campbell was nothing more than a Sandemanian, a blind follower of Robert Sandeman (founder of the Sandemanian churches) and Archibald McLean (founder of the “Scotch Baptists”). At least, that’s the contention of Professor William H. Whitsitt of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Using several historical documents, including Campbell’s own writings and his official biography, Whitsitt attempts to prove his case.

In response to Whitsitt’s book, George W. Longan, a preacher of the gospel of Jesus Christ, wrote a complete refutation. Like Whitsitt, Longan uses Campbell’s writings and biography to present his case, but he also uses the not-so-kind reviews of Whitsitt’s book: reviews written by other Baptists.

Updated and annotated, this volume is a fine addition to the library of anyone who wants to know about the history of the Restoration Movement.


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