Reincarnation: Fact or Fiction?


Mark Tabata writes an excellently researched book, honestly evaluating arguments in favor of reincarnation in the light of reason, logic, and the Bible.


More and more Americans have become mesmorized by the teaching of reincarnation. At the same time, public opinion toward Christianity has taken a nose dive.

People are asking questions, like:

  • How do you know there is really a God?
  • Why should we believe the Bible is from God?
  • Why should people accept Jesus Christ as the Son of God?
  • Weren’t books removed from the Bible because the Church didn’t like what they taught?
  • Doesn’t Karma provide an answer to the problem of evil, pain, and suffering?
  • Do past-life experiences prove that reincarnation is true?

These questions and more you will find thoroughly examined in this book.


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