Restoration Ramblings in the Heart of Dixie


Over 80 interesting and entertaining stories from the history of the church of Christ down south.


Digging through the history books, Earl Kimbrough’s research and writing has brought together over 80 short chapters on Restoration Movement history in the deep south.

Full of humorous anecdotes, interesting events, lesser-known (if known at all) characters, and inspiring lessons, Restoration Ramblings in the Heart of Dixie is a great addition to any library–especially if you are interested in church history, the church of Christ, the Restoration Movement, the south, life before, during, and after the Civil War, or just people in general.

In other words, you will enjoy this book.

And when you’re done reading this one, check out his other books of Restoration Movement stories, such as “Long Legs and Short Breeches.”


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