Sources of Alexander Campbell’s Theology


A look at men who influenced Alexander Campbell.


Subtitled, The Influence of John Locke, James and Robert Haldane, Richard Sandeman, and others on the Religious Thinking of the Leader of the Restoration.

The Restoration Movement (to which the church of Christ, Christian Church, and Disciples of Christ are all indebted) did not happen in a vacuum. Alexander Campbell was not the first to put forth the Biblical truths which distinguish the church of Christ from denominational groups. This book, by W.E. Garrison, seeks to trace some of the influences that helped Campbell see the light of the gospel on such important topics as the division of the covenants, baptism, repentance, the work of the Holy Spirit in conversion, and more.

If you are interested in the history of Campbell, or of the “Stone-Campbell Movement,” you will be benefitted by reading this book.


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