The Bogard-Warlick Debate


This debate focuses on areas of disagreement between Baptists and Christians regarding “What must I do to be saved?” and “Can I fall away?”


Originally published in the pages of Gospel Guide, the Bogard-Warlick Debate focuses on areas of disagreement between Baptists (Bogard was a Missionary Baptist) and Christians (Warlick was a member of the church of Christ).

The debaters, both of whom were well-respected and trusted by their respective brethren, debated the following issues:

  • The Holy Spirit’s role in salvation (apart from the word of God)
  • Baptism’s role in salvation (whether necessary or not)
  • The Sinner’s prayer’s role in salvation (if it is biblical)
  • The posssibility of Apostasy (can a Christian fall away)

Sometimes onery, never mean-spirited, this debate was between friends who, by the end of their lives, had debated each other 23 times!


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