The COMPLETE Alabama Restoration Journal Collection

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The complete five-volume run (26 issues total) of the Alabama Restoration Journal in two matching hardcover books.


The Alabama Restoration Journal brought together some of the greatest scholars and enthusiasts of the Restoration Movement into one place. Brethren from across the church of Christ (both “mainstream” and “non-institutional”) joined forces to tell the history of the Restoration Movement (sometimes called the Stone-Campbell Movement) in and around Alabama.

This collection contains all five volumes (26 issues in total) of the Alabama Restoration Journal, in two matching hardcover volumes. Buy on Amazon at $29.95 per volume ($59.90 total) or you can buy the collection here from Cobb Publishing for just $49.99!

Authors include:

  • Earl Kimbrough (author of Warrior from Rock Creek: The Life, Times, and Thought of F.B. SrygleyLong Legs and Short Breeches: 100 Restoration Movement VignettesA Preacher’s Anthology: Random Memories, and several others)
  • Scott Harp (Author of Sage of Jasper: Gus Nichols – A Biography)
  • Larry Whitehead
  • Hugh Fulford (Regular contributor to The Spiritual Sword, author of The Lord Has Been Mindful of Me)
  • C. Wayne Kilpatrick (Author of J.R. Bradley: A Forgotten Larimore Boy)
  • Frank Richey
  • Hoyt Houchen (Author of Sermons Inside and Out)
  • and many others

Each issue features a cover painting by Earl Kimbrough (see his Great Christians: Paintings of Restoration Movement Leaders, Locations, and Events)

Close to 750 pages or Restoration Movement history!

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