The Life and Work of R.C. Barrow


The story of one of the hardest-working preachers of the late 1800s.


Part autobiography, part pseudo-autobiographical novel, and lots of encou

A touching life story that has made Christians want to work harder for their Master. A first-hand account of the struggles and joys of preaching the truth in new and growing towns and cities. A novel that teaches the gospel and shows what lengths some will go to in order to fight against it. Add a sermon to the mix, and you have the Life and Work of R.C. Barrow–a book that one Alabama preacher said should be required reading for all Christians.All but forgotten from the history of the church, R.C. Barrow’s life is an encouragement and a challenge to modern Christians. He spent the majority of his Christian life preaching in the Nebraska territory, establishing new congregations, and baptizing hundreds upon hundreds along the way.This collection contains the following works:

*R.C. Barrow – His Life and Work (a biography/autobiography by his son, Frank, using many reports written by his father)

*Our Cause at Chicory (a novel that presents the difficulties and triumphs of the gospel in a small city in Nebraska)

*Biographical Sketch of R.C. Barrow (written by a friend while he was still alive)

*Christ the Way: A Sermon (written and preached by R.C. Barrow in the 1880s)

Meticulously edited, updated, corrected, and annotated (as needed), this collection will benefit all Christians.



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