The Lord’s Church (Andrew D. Erwin)


A Collection of sermons all about the church, its establishment, its nature, and its worship.



From the Preface:

A few years ago, I published a series of lectures I had given in classes at the Middle Tennessee School of Preaching and Biblical Studies titled, Lectures on the New Testament Church. This present volume is a revision and expansion of that work.

Some sermons have changed, some were removed, and some were added. My prayer is that the present volume is an improvement upon the previous effort and that the work will in some small way help the reader come to a better understanding of this vital subject.

The basics of New Testament Christianity need to be thoroughly ingrained in New Testament Christians. We simply cannot over-look the importance of understanding the truth concerning the Lord’s church. Let us be grounded in this truth, defend it, and teach it to all.

“As Christians, we should be able and willing to defend the gospel in a lost and dying world. Andy Erwin has made that easier with this series of lessons on the Lord’s church. We highly recommend this book for mature Christians as well as our new brothers and sisters in Christ. This book is a ‘must have’ for all who would like a better understanding of what the Lord’s church looked like in the first century and how it should look today! One of the greatest problems in the Lord’s church today, is the failure to understand its distinctiveness. In this great book, Brother Andy Erwin brings to light the basic fundamentals of the church: its establishment, its rule and practice, its worship, and its mission, among other subjects that sadly, have not been taught in many congregations in this generation. It is based upon the truth and simplicity of the inspired Word of God. We highly recommend this great book for every young adolescent to the most mature Christian. This book, along with Bible, needs to be in every home and congregation today.”

The Elders, West Fayetteville Church of Christ, Fayetteville, Tennessee

“I love speaking of the church we read of in the New Testament and my brother, friend, and co-laborer at West Fayetteville, Andy Erwin loves speaking and writing about the church, too. It is evident from this volume you hold in your hand. Every preacher should use this for a series of lessons on the church to strengthen our beloved aged within who loves her; to edify and exhort the next generation who will be defending her, and to plant and water the younger generation who needs to know and grow in devotion to her. One can also find many other sermons within the chapters. This book is quite fitting for Bible class study as well, with its simple layout, and with each section clear and thorough in its explanation and presentation of the church. If you are wondering should you add this to your library—yes! And now!”

Jeff Archey, Voice of the International Gospel Hour


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