The Quarterly (Vol. 1, No. 2)


96 pages of encouraging and educational articles on growing the Lord’s church and growing as a Christian.

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The April, 2017 edition of the Quarterly is filled with articles to encourage, to inform, to educate, and to give you evangelistic ideas!

*Editorial: Gossip

*Victor Cross: INTERNATIONAL MISSIONARY (Bradley S. Cobb)

*How to Gain Unity’s Advantage (John Krivak)

*Baptism Saves Us (Roderick Ross)

*Be Strong and Courageous (Aaron Patterson)

*Like Stars in the Universe (Bill Howard)

*Roundhouse: Not Just for Radicals Anymore (Keith Cozort)

*Restoration Moments: The Conversion of Amos Allerton (William Baxter)

*Biblical Biography Epaphroditus (Bradley S. Cobb)

*Digging Deeper: Walk in a Manner Worthy (Jake Schotter)

*Paul Darst: A Novel (continued) (Daniel Lucas)

*Poetry Corner (Larry Conger and Gerald Cowan)

Why are there so Few TRUE Believers? (Gerald Cowan)

Christians: Different Generations (Joseph T. McWhorter)

*Sermon: The Wee BIG Man! (Jesse Nelson)

*Tabernacle Shadows (Mark McWhorter)

*Ways to Set Up Bible Studies (James Sims Sr.)

*The Mystery Image of Marriage (Perry Hall)

*Encouragement & Exhortation in the WALK of the Christian (Jim Mitchell)

*Quotes to Ponder

*Temptation: The Same Today as Yesterday (Devin Self)

*Overcoming Temptation – Select Scriptures (Gantt Carter)

*But Thou Art Rich (Kyle Frank)

*An Unexpected Conclusion (William Howard)

*Bible Q&A: Did the Thief on the Cross Die Under the New Testament?

*The Bible and the Law of Cause and Effect (Bill Roderick)

*Children’s Puzzle Page

*The Teen Pages: Are You? (Hunter Hill)

*The Teen Pages: Behavior To Others (Paul Cobb)

*About the Authors

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