The Quarterly (Vol. 1, No. 3)


96 pages of encouraging and edifying articles.


The third issue of the Quarterly contains an astounding 32 articles, all written by faithful men of God, and designed to encourage and edify Christians.

*Editorial: House Hunting and Flock-Hopping (Bradley S. Cobb)

*Exceeding Great and Precious (Bill Howard)

*“Each Day I’ll Do a Golden Deed…” (Travis Anderson)

*What is Your Hobby? (Devin Self)

*Visits with Seasoned Ministers: Lewis Hale (Interview by Jim Mitchell)

*How Suddenly is “Suddenly”? (Jim Mitchell)

*Biblical Biography: Silas (Bradley S. Cobb)

*The Woman Who Anointed Jesus (Richard Mansel)

*Mnason The “Old Disciple” (Mark McWhorter)

*A Truly Liberated Woman — Lydia (Jake Schotter)

*The Eternal Purpose of God: Race Relations in the Church (Jeremie Beller)

*Forgery and Faith (William Howard)

*SHEPHERDING THE FLOCK: Desiring the Work (Darryl Wingo)

*SHEPHERDING THE FLOCK: “Flock-Hopping” Sheep (Scott P. Wiley)

*SHEPHERDING THE FLOCK: Learning From The Chief Shepherd (Jamie Beller)


*Quotes and Anecdotes

*Tabernacle Shadows: The Pillar of Cloud (Mark McWhorter)

*Adventures in Benevolence (John Krivak)

*What I Now Know as an Octogenarian (Gerald Cowan)

*Seasons and Eternal Day (Gerald Cowan)

*Meditating on Doubt and Faith (Joseph T. McWhorter)

*Overcoming Temptation II: 1 John 2:15-17 (Gantt Carter)

*Starting Your Ministry (James Sims Sr.)

*An Introduction to Matthew (Mark McWhorter)

*“These have been Written so that You may Believe” (Jake Schotter)

*Hey Guy, What Did You Say? (Stephen Scaggs)

*On a Pirate Ship (William Howard)

*Bible Reading and Bible Study (Kyle Frank)

*Honor Your Parents when Young and Old (Perry Hall)

*Paul Darst: A Novel (D.R. Lucas)

*Bible Q&A: What about the “Lost Books of the Bible?” (Bradley S. Cobb)

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