The Quarterly (Vol. 1, No. 4)


Michael Shank joins the writing crew in this 94-page edition of the Quarterly.


Encourage yourself! Learn about methods that are working to bring others to Jesus. See the comparison between derelict houses and some Christians. Learn more about what it means to be an elder in the church. find out about people in the Restoration Movement that you’ve probably not heard of before. All this and more in this issue of the Quarterly!

* Abandoned Houses And Spiritual Ruins (Bradley S. Cobb)

* From Questions In The Shadows To Proclamation In The Light (Jim Mitchell)

* The Sun Stood Still (Mark McWhorter)

* Messianic Pain And Power: Introducing 2 Corinthians (Gantt Carter)

* The “Nuts-N-Bolts” Of Covenant Relating (John Krivak)

* Secrets Of Strong Families (Michael Shank)

* Congregational Growth And The Unlikely Preacher (Keith Stonehart)

* Unity Among Brethren (William Howard)

* When Is A Child Ready For Baptism? (Jim Stutts)

* Songs Of The Kingdom: Jesus Loves Me (Kyle Frank)

* Quotes To Ponder

* The Certified Gospel – Galatians 1:6-24 (Gerald Cowan)

* Biblical Biography: Timothy (Bradley S. Cobb)

* Comforted Together: Romans 1:12 (Bill Howard)

* Shepherding The Flock: Learning From The Chief Shepherd Part Two Shepherds Are Known Of Their Sheep (Jamie Beller)

* Shepherding The Flock: Holding To The Word Of God (Shane Fisher)

* Shepherding The Flock: Motivations For Becoming An Elder (John Ratliff)

* A Different View Of Ephesians: Reading The Text As Though You Were Hearing It For The First Time Along With The Ephesian Christians (Jim Mitchell)

* A Forgotten Warrior: Excerpts From The Life Of J.M. Kidwell (E.A. Elam)

* Walk In A Manner Worthy (Part 2a) Allocate Our Gifts – A Study Of Ephesians 4:7-16 (Jake Schotter)

* Giving Glory To God (Devin Self)

* Tabernacle Shadows: The Pillars And Walls (Mark McWhorter)

* Why I Became A Preacher (Samuel Stinson)

* Book Review: The Greatest Work in the World (Terry Gardner)

* Paul Darst: A Novel (D.R. Lucas)

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