The Quarterly (Vol. 3, No. 4)


The Dead Sea Scrolls, Kamikaze Planes, Missionary efforts, Forgiveness, and More!



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This issue features the following:

Glorifying God Through Forgiveness (An Editorial by Bradley S. Cobb)

Island Treats: Missionaries In Micronesia (Joey Treat)

An Opportunity In Vermont (Jason Floyd)

The Dead Sea Scrolls (Dewayne Bryant)

Walking Away (Joseph McWhorter)

Staying Spiritually Healthy (Kyle D. Frank)

God’s Love, Man’s Love, & Salvation (Kevin Barham)

Virtue-Proof And The Inescapable Box (William Howard)

Why Jesus Re-Centered The Law (John Krivak)

If The Next One Was To Be Your Very Last One …? (Gerald Cowan)

The Conversion Of Saul (Michael Shank)

Unsung Heroes: Ananias And Rhoda (Travis Anderson)

In The Garden: “Remove This Cup” (Gantt Carter)

Biblical Biography: Simon The Zealot (Bradley S. Cobb)

The Destruction Of Nineveh (Richard Mansel)

“I Am Writing To You” (Kenny Taylor)

The Act Of Humility (Devin Self)

Israel: A Hope In Darkness (David Dean)

The Restoration Movement: Abner Jones (Bradley S. Cobb)

Mosaics And Motifs Of The Bible (Joshua Hames)

Walk In A Manner Worthy – Part 2f (Jake Schotter)


Let There Be Light (Bill Howard)

How Does God Speak To Us Today? (Jim Stutts)

Tabernacle Shadows: The Tabernacle Tent (Mark McWhorter)

God Unseen: A Theological Introduction To Esther: A Review. (Sam Stinson)

A Review And Reflection On “Balance” By Ira North (Jake Schotter)


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