The Quarterly (Vol. 4, No. 2)


Read about one man’s journey from Mafia to Ministry. What is the Pizza Shortage? A Biographical look at Judas Iscariot. And a ton more!


The best-selling publication on Amazon by members of the church of Christ!

This issue promises to give you something you’ll enjoy. Yes, even some thoughts on the “Pizza Shortage.” Check it out for yourself!

This Pizza Shortage Can Be a Good Thing! (An Editorial by Bradley S. Cobb)

When History Repeats Itself… (Jim Mitchell)

Our First Mission Trip (Mark McWhorter)

From Mafia to Ministry (Mike Mazzalongo)

More than Just a Preacher (Adam Cozort)

Are You and Your Spouse SOUL Mates … or CELL Mates? (Cory Collins)

Lord, Make Our Leaves Green (Gerald Cowan)

Let Christ and God be Seen in Us (Gerald Cowan)

What is The City of Angels International Christian Church? (Mark McWhorter)

Fulfill Your Ministry (Bill Howard)

Ministering to the Chronically Ill (Richard Mansel)

The Ten Plagues and the Gods of Egypt (Dewayne Bryant, Ph.D.)

Restoration Movement History: Lard’s Quarterly (Scott Harp)

Restoration Movement History: James O’Kelly (Kyle Frank)

What Depression Taught Me (John Krivak)

Sunday is Coming (Tom Baxley)

Biblical Biography: Judas Iscariot (Bradley S. Cobb)

Are You a Disciple of Christ, or Just a Christian? (Gerald Cowan)

Who Are The Christadelphians? (Kyle Frank)

Short Term Missions—Are they worth it? (Jason Floyd)

The Polytheistic Christian in the Corinthian Church! (John Krivak)

Principles of Church Growth (Michael Shank)

Faith Fortifies the Future (Part 1) (Jake Schotter)

Israel: a Break in the Kingdom (David Dean)

Tabernacle Shadows: The Lampstand (Mark McWhorter)


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