The Quarterly (Vol. 4, No. 3)


History of the black churches of Christ in Oklahoma, seven roles of Jesus, Questions about Disfellowshipping, and more


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You won’t want to miss this issue, featuring a never-before-published selection from the late Jimmie Beller on The History of Our Black Brethren in Oklahoma. Do you have questions about disfellowshipping? We’ve got that covered. Maybe you want to know about poison ivy and Mt. Stupid… That’s covered as well. But the main theme of this issue is The Roles of Jesus. We have seven articles by seven faithful preachers, each dealing with a different aspect of Jesus’ mission and work. See the complete contents below:

  • How Much of the Directions Do You Want? (An Editorial)
  • Restoration Movement History: Our Black Brothers in Oklahoma (Jimmie Beller)
  • An Exercise in Futility (John Krivak)
  • Qoheleth (John Krivak)
  • This is Reality (William Howard)
  • Jesus: King (Adam B. Cozort)
  • Jesus: Friend of Sinners (Jeremie Beller)
  • Jesus: Judge of the Quick and the Dead (Chris Gardner)
  • Jesus: Prophet (Richard Mansel)
  • Jesus: Our Great High Priest (Phil Sanders)
  • Jesus: The Bridegroom (Keith Stonehart)
  • Jesus: The Great Physician (Perry Hall)
  • Biblical Biography: Matthias (Bradley S. Cobb)
  • Zombies at the Lord’s Table (Gerald Cowan)
  • RAISING THE DEAD (A Poem by Gerald Cowan)
  • Lord, is it I? (Bill Howard)
  • The Restoration Movement: Experiences and Mistakes of J.D. Tant (J.D. Tant)
  • Faith Fortifies the Future (Part 2) (Jake Schotter)
  • Bible Q&A: Disfellowshipping ( Bradley S. Cobb)
  • Quotes to Contemplate
  • Tabernacle Shadows: The Table of Showbread (Mark McWhorter)
  • The Truth About False Teachers: A Sermon Outline (Michael Shank)
  • Where the Rubber Meets the Road (Kyle D. Frank)


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