The Quarterly (Vol. 5, No. 1)


Love Your (Political) Enemies, Peter’s Bones, A Biography of the Apostle John, and much more!



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This issue features the following:

  • Love Your (Political) Enemies (An Editorial by Bradley S. Cobb)
  • A Preacher’s Prayer (Ted Knight)
  • Our Protest (Scott Harp)
  • Old Age is not a Disease (Gerald Cowan)
  • A Home for Jolee
  • Warming by the Fire (Jim Mitchell)
  • Restoration Movement History: Run for Dreams – Trouble for the Church (Jimmie Beller)
  • The Mystery (Gantt Carter)
  • The Bones of Peter (John Krivak)
  • We Preach the Miraculous Birth (Mark McWhorter)
  • Spiritual Leadership in the Home (Daniel Richardson)
  • Keep Yourselves in the Love of God (Kyle D. Frank)
  • The Forgotten “IF” In Forgiving Others (Ray Sullins)
  • Early Reformative Movements in Europe (Kyle D. Frank)
  • The Lord is In His Holy Temple; Let all The Earth Keep Silence Before Him (Bill Howard)
  • The Voice of Mary (John Krivak)
  • Give Me Truth (Gus Nichols)
  • 3 Ways the Gospel Is Still Needed Today (Chris Gardner)
  • Pistis Christou and the Question of the Faith of Christ: An Overview (Paul Pollard, PhD.)
  • God is Large and in Charge (Jake Schotter)
  • How to Encourage One Another (Michael Shank)
  • Biblical Biography: John the Apostle (Bradley S. Cobb)
  • Seeking and Saving the Lost (Gerald Cowan)
  • God Make Us the Men You Want Us to Be (Gerald Cowan)
  • Sports Taught Me About Worship (Mitch Robison)
  • Quotes to Contemplate
  • Tabernacle Shadows: The Holy of Holies (Mark McWhorter)
  • Sermon: Peace with God and Man (Richard Mansel)


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