The Quarterly (Vol. 7, No. 2)




The first article argues for fighting, the second argues against fighting. And they are both in complete agreement! We also start a new series on the Chronological Life of Christ, have a look at true Bible scholars, consider the act of marriage, and much more (complete contents below)!

This and much more can be found in the latest issue of the Quarterly.

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Complete Contents:

  • Real Disciples Fight! (Bradley S. Cobb)
  • Sparing Your Enemy (Ben Mitchell)
  • Blessings Found In Christ:The Family (Roy Knight)
  • The Abundant Life (Johnny O. Trail)
  • The Act of Marriage (Mike Mazzalongo)
  • How the Ten Commandments Relate to Twenty-First Century Christians (Part 5): No Adultery, No Stealing (Charles R. Rose)
  • What It Takes To Be Saved (Chuck Wuchter)
  • Analyzing The Water “At The Blue Hole” A Review Primarily of Chapter 1 of Jack R. Reese’s Book – “At The Blue Hole” (Jim Mitchell)
  • True Bible Scholars (Hugh Fulford)
  • Why I Must Be Involved In Missions (Marricus Ellis)
  • Lord That I Might Receive My Sight (Bill Howard)
  • Looking Carefully At Romans Chapter Two (Gantt Carter)
  • Be Wise, O Kings (Adam Cozort)
  • The Life Of Christ (Part 1) Why Four Gospels? (Bradley S. Cobb)
  • 1 Corinthians 3: A New Translation And Commentary (Matthew Shaffer)
  • Our Greatest Hope (Danny E. Davis)
  • Christian Cinematography (John Krivak)
  • Jesus Christ: The Resurrection And The Life (Gerald Cowan)
  • Entertaining Angels (John Krivak)
  • Many? Few? Wide? Narrow? Way? (Bill Howard)
  • Error Begets Error (Kyle D. Frank)
  • The Anointed Of God (Johnny O. Trail)
  • In The Image Of God (Andy Robison)
  • Immanuel—God With Us (Jake Schotter)


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