The Quarterly (Volume 3, Number 1)


From Domitian to Jerusalem to Evangelism to Growing up in the Church–and so much more–this issue of the Quarterly is sure to give you much to enjoy and much to think about!

94 pages


With articles to boost the effectiveness of your evangelism, to give you better understanding of Jesus, to strengthen your faith in God’s word, and to encourage, edify, and educate—this issue of The Quarterly is sure to help you grow as a Christian!

Check out what’s included in this issue, and don’t forget to order one!

Redeem the Time (Bill Howard)

The Dangers of Growing Up in the Church (Bradley S. Cobb)

Two Many Adams?! (Adam T. Miller)

Waking to Wisdom – Psalm 123:1-2 (Xander Pasley)

Does Archaeology Disprove the Story of Jericho? (Richard Mansel)

Know Your Audience (Jeremie Beller)

The Master’s Supper (Gantt Carter)

Testimony for Jesus from His Enemies (Joshua Hames)

The Miraculous Birth of Jesus And the Miracles that Surrounded It (Mark McWhorter)

The Persecution of Domitian: Just How Bad Was It? (Tom Baxley)

Jerusalem (John Krivak)

Introducing Jesus: From The Gospels Back To Genesis (Perry Hall)

There Have Been Many Great Men, But None Greater Than Jesus (Gerald Cowan)

Why We Live Holy Lives (Kyle Frank)

OPEN DOORS Then and Now (Jim Mitchell)

Bible Biography: Thomas (Bradley S. Cobb)

The Bible’s Perspective on Lying (Michael Shank)

Feeding the World: Physically and Spiritually (Justin Hopkins)

Do It Heartily (Devin Self)

History of the Pharisees (Part 2) (Kyle Frank)

Is a Church Without Elders a True Church of Christ? (Jim Stutts)

Failure to Complete (David Dean)

Unsung Heroes: Women in the Ministry of Jesus (Travis Anderson)

Tabernacle Shadows (Mark McWhorter)

Paul Darst: A Novel (Daniel R. Lucas)


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