The Quarterly (Volume 3, Number 2)


The April 2019 issue of the Quarterly features articles on hell, history, heroes, and much more!



The April, 2019 issue of the Quarterly once again shows why this is the best-selling publication on Amazon by members of the church of Christ! Articles include:

Funny As Hell? (An Editorial by Bradley S. Cobb)
Walked No More With Him (Bill Howard)
Why Did Jesus Die? (Jamie Beller)
Paul And The Evil Governor Felix (Richard Mansel)
Apostasy (Kyle Frank)
Is Apologetics Still Necessary? (Dr. Dewayne Bryant)
The Anger Of Jesus—Angry But Never Mad (Gerald Cowan)
The Passion Of Jesus Christ From The Perspective Of Judas (Samuel Stinson)
The Passion From John’s Perspective (Roderick Ross)
Biblical Biography: Matthew (Bradley S. Cobb)
Is Annihilation of the Wicked a Biblical Teaching? (Jake Schotter)
The Response to the Message and Ministry of Jesus Christ (Gerald Cowan)
A Literal Bible Faith (John T. Polk II)
Josephus: Who Was He And Why Should I Care? (Tom Baxley)
Gates Of Hades (John Krivak)
My Dad: In Memory Of Roger Paul Johnson (Gantt Carter)
Unsung Heroes: Naaman’s Wife’s Servant Girl (Travis Anderson)
Preaching The “Offensive” Gospel Of Christ (Michael Shank)
The Maccabees (Kyle Frank)
Israel: Descent Into Depravity (David Dean)
Walk In A Manner Worthy (Part 2D) (Jake Schotter)
Tabernacle Shadows 10: The Laver (Mark McWhorter)
The Most Famous Rooster In The World (Bill Boyd)
Paul Darst: A Novel (Daniel R. Lucas)



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