The Sabbath? or the Lord’s Day?


The classic work exploring all the arguments in favor of Sabbath worship, and against Sunday worship, in light of what the Bible actually teaches.


Have you heard this one: “The Sabbath was changed to Sunday by Constantine”? This is quite a charge, because if it is true, then worshiping on Sunday is a man-made invention, coming nearly 300 years after Jesus established His church! And that would mean that over 95% of the Christian world has got it wrong!

D.R. Dungan (author of Hermeneutics) spends half of this fascinating book examining all the arguments offered in favor of Sabbath worship today in light of the Bible. The second half deals with the arguments given against worshiping on Sunday, again in light of the Bible.

This book is a perfect gift for all your Seventh-Day Adventist friends, as it calmly, clearly, and biblically, shows the fallacy of modern-day Sabbath (Saturday) worship.


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