They Called Him Superman: The Life of T.W. Brents (Volume 1)


A brand-new biography, and a collection of writings from the man whose debating skills rivaled (some say surpassed) Alexander Campbell’s.

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A long-time writer for the Gospel Advocate during the tenure of David Lipscomb and Tolbert Fanning, T.W. Brents wrote one of the most influential and long-lasting books the brotherhood has ever seen: The Gospel Plan of Salvation has never gone out of print since it was first written a century and a half ago!

But he was much more than the author of a single book. He was a champion debater (some who knew both said that he excelled Alexander Campbell), a planter of churches, a fierce opponent of false doctrine, a staunch defender of the truth, an advocate for Christian unity based on the word of God, and one biographer believed him to be so influential during his time that he called him “superman.”

Though uneducated in the schools, he mastered three languages, English, Latin and Greek and wrote and spoke model Victorian English. He also achieved preeminence in three professions and two occupations, becoming a “doctor” three times over.

In They Called Him Superman, you can learn about this forgotten hero of the faith, and read hard-hitting selections against Calvinism, and enlightening writings on the Holy Spirit and His work from his column in Gospel Advocate, called “The Alien’s Department.”

When you’re finished, maybe you’ll agree that Thomas Wesley Brents truly was a “superman” in the service of his Lord and Master, Jesus Christ.

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