War in Heaven, War on Earth: What Revelation Meant to the Original Readers and What it Means for Us Today


So you want to know what Revelation is really about? Thousands of hours (seriously) and eight years have gone into the preparation of this 545 page book.

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Ever heard this one?

Revelation is impossible to understand, and anyone who says otherwise is lying to you.

Of course, there’s also the people who say this one:

The events in Revelation are happening now!  Or at the very least, they’re about to happen.  The end is near!

People have been trying to use the book of Revelation to predict the end of time for years.  And every time, they are proven wrong.  Why is that?  Because Revelation isn’t a book about things that are happening today, tomorrow, or sometime in the future.

Revelation is about things which have already happened.

Some people point to Revelation 1:1 and say, “look, it’s about to happen!”  Except that verse was written close to 2,000 years ago.  It was about to happen then.  And if it didn’t happen close to the time it was written, then Revelation is a lie.

Oh, don’t take my word for it.  Read Revelation 1:3.  Then read chapter 22, verses 6 and 10.  Twice at the beginning of the book, and twice at the end of the book, God told the readers, these things are close.  They’re about to happen!

Do you want to know what the book of Revelation is really about?  Do you want to see the proof, straight from the Bible?  Do you want to know why the stuff in Revelation was so important to the Christians who first read it?

Literally thousands of hours (seriously) of work have gone into this 500+ page book, so that you can know what Revelation is talking about.

What others have said:

If you want to understand Revelation, talk to Bradley Cobb–Michael Shank (author of Muscle and a Shovel).

I’ve studied the Bible for over fifty years, and this is the first time Revelation has ever made sense to me.–A long time Bible teacher.

I can’t believe I didn’t see this before.  You’ve made it so clear and easy to understand.–an elder.

Awesome.  Just awesome.–another elder.

The [Revelation] material you have online has been a great help to me in my studies.–A long-time preacher.

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