Coming Soon

Here at Cobb Publishing, we never stop working.

But we’d like you to know about some of the upcoming releases ahead of time–a sneak peak, if you will.  (note: dates are subject to change, sometimes earlier, sometimes later).

Some of these are brand-new books, written by folks like you, and others are brand new collections, and still others are classic books given new life.  If you’re interested in being published, and having your title added to this list, contact us here.

The Christian Messenger

This Restoration Movement journal, edited by Barton W. Stone, ran for 14 years. In it he debates, shares news, calls out some guys named Campbell (yes, those two), and does his best to defend the faith. Note: Volumes 1-9 are available now.

Projected completion date: June 2022

The Autobiography of J.W. McGarvey

J.W. McGarvey left detailed notes about his life for his son to use in a biography. Unfortunately, his son died before he could use the notes. We are taking those original notes, along with McGarvey’s instructions about other items to include, and are preparing to give the world the autobiography he wanted.

Collecting additional materials.  Approximate date of release, 2023.

Don’t Forget! A Commentary on Second Peter

The urgent letter from Peter demands his reader’s attention.  He’s about to die, and he tells them Don’t forget to grow.  Don’t forget about Jesus.  And don’t forget that something big is coming.  Packed with in-depth research, yet presented in an easy to read and easy to understand way, Don’t Forget! will help you come to a better appreciation of the final message from Peter’s pen.

Written by Bradley S. Cobb

In editing. Approximate date of release, September 2022.

An Old Apologetic for a New Age

Mark Tabata brings the evidince for the existence of God to a new generation of people who may have never heard the arguments in favor of God, His word, and His Son.

In editing. Approximate date of release, June 2022