Our Authors

Bradley S. Cobb

Biblical Books:


  • Fight for the Faith: A Study of Jude
  • Holy Spirit in the Book of Acts
  • Justified by Works: A Study of James
  • The Prodigal Slave: A Study of Philemon
  • Things Which Came to Pass: The Book of Revelation
  • Wait, Not THEM! A Study of Habakkuk

Children’s Books:

  • Princess of Goodweather
  • Return to Goodweather

Editor of The Quarterly

Tammy L. Dean

Autobiography/Conversion Story:

Andrew D. Erwin

Biblical Books:


  • Each One Reach One

Restoration Movement:

Kyle D. Frank

Autobiography/Conversion Story

  • Casting Down of Strongholds: My Journey to Satan and Back

Biblical Books

  • Proverbs for the Day

Mark McWhorter

Biblical Books:

Kevin Micuch

Biblical books:


Personal Growth

  • Pursuing Positivity
  • Time to Grow Up!

Mitch Robison

Biblical Books: